— Part 3 of 3 —


By Joshua Shafran, 8th July 2022

Ready to roll your sleeves up and have some fun?


Before we unpack how to know if a Fred Story is sabotaging your success (and, if so, what you can do to take control back), I want to give you a new frame to look through and make sense of all this:

The Bold Molders' Success Seesaw

And, you wanna know something?

I’m damn excited to share these insights with you. I can’t wait to see how you’ll use them (and the results you get)! Seriously.

First, however, we need to move this party and continue our conversation by email. You see, other than sitting down, face-to-face, email is the absolute best way to share these breakthroughs so you can immediately deploy them for maximum impact (without the heartburn or overwhelm).

We will leverage what psychologists and neuroscientists call, “The Spacing Effect.”

This is a fascinating concept with profound implications (backed by years of research), and definitely worth a deeper dive at some point down the road (when you see how forgetting curves work, you’ll be shocked).

Don’t get bogged down with all that, tho. Just know it’s the main reason we’re shifting to email. It’s the slow, fast way to build momentum (without worry about progress backsliding) because…

(And for what? To download more disappointment? Get your hopes up only to be crushed when the rug gets snatched out from under you again, and you see it wasn’t even worth 20 seconds of your time? All so you can add it to that growing graveyard of crap clogging up your hard drive, collecting digital dust?)

Not. Even. Close.

Unless you’ve been skimming (or you are one of those gurus spying on me), I doubt you’d be this far down the rabbit hole with me if you didn’t sense, or…

…already know in your heart-of-hearts, what we’re up to here… the vision… the mission… is so much bigger than all that Cacca (IMHO those are antiquated, old school ways that no longer work —if they ever did). 

You can see and feel the difference, can you not?

You follow, right?


Enough said, then. 

Now let’s have some email fun…

NOTE: If you don’t receive an email confirmation within 15 minutes (be sure to check your spam folder), please let me know, here.

See you on the other side. 

Here’s to your freedom from Fred,

Joshua “Facilitator of ‘ing’” Shafran, Creator of Bold Molders' Academy


The fact that you made it this deep down the rabbit hole and didn’t give up on yourself, speaks volumes.

It says you’re committed to finding (not just seeking) the answers that go beyond the one-size-fits-all “hacks” to living life unstuck, on your terms. 

It shows your desire to grow experientially so you can make ever increasing momentum a success habit. 

And, even tho we’re just getting warmed up… 

…with the best yet to come by email…

…if you’re like many of the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with, I bet that you already feel some relief, and maybe even, 

feeling newfound hope? 

Surge in confidence?

You know, the kind of power you get with the clarity of knowing you’re on track, actively participating in making the impact you deserve, and…

…you’ve already made progress towards building the meaningful future you are meant to live.

That’s why, you should take a sec to acknowledge yourself for the work it took to get you here, and join me as I celebrate and appreciate you.

Seriously, I genuinely mean that. 

It’s all too easy to focus (because of Fred) on what you have yet to accomplish and what you don’t have that you’re still struggling with. 

Please take a beat to notice:

You actually are making progress. 

And that’s a win worth celebrating, dont’cha think?

So thank you

Thank you for spending this time with me. 

And, thank you for allowing me the gift of sharing what my Higher Self has called me to do here. 

It might sound corny but my heart does a little happy dance every time I help someone become aware of their Fred Stories (and the life of infinite possibilities that awaits you by leveraging my Seesaw framework to gain freedom from Fred)…

And, most of all, thanks for listening and for the investment you made in yourself. 

I see (and cherish) how rare it is to find someone like you who’ll take the time to do the deep work required for breakthrough results.

Because most won’t. 

Most people are simply too busy deluding themselves, addicted to jumping from one surface quick-fix to the next (believing their short attention span excuses can magically defy gravity).

Thankfully, that’s not people like us.


…now that you’re grounded in the fundamentals, we’ll continue by breaking down the advanced stuff in bite-sized nuggets of awesomeness (allows you to easily consume and gives you the space to digest each chunk over time) instead of trying to swallow that elephant whole.

Here’s how it will work:

Each gold nugget will be delivered privately to you via email so it feels like a personal conversation (not another boring lecture). 

With each standing on the shoulders of the previous. 

And, each email nugget is carefully designed to be a booster-shot that accelerates your progress using what I call, “The Law Of Momentuming” (which you’ll discover shortly and, if you’re at all like me, it’ll rock your world!).

As I’m sure you can tell, this ain’t some stupid rehashed garbage “special report” tactic or bribe that the gurus all seem to use to coerce (or downright trick) you to opt-in to get it. 

IMPORTANT: Even though I should probably charge you a pretty penny for these email lessons (so you will give it your undivided focus; and devote the time, attention and respect they deserve because you’d be determined to get a high ROI by reaping the rewards that only comes with implementation momentum)…

…Well, I ain’t gonna do it.

Now, if you’re wondering why I’m giving all this away, it’s quite simple, really:

Walking the iUnstuck path isn’t something that will work if you feel pushed down it. “Motivation” by outside forces won’t work. Your success lives (and dies) with your inspired action.

And, you know what else?

Standing for yourself is a decision you have to be ready for. You’re the only one who says if and when you’re ready to take it on.

Because like all learning, your transformation simply can’t happen unless you’re fully enrolled in the process. It can’t be done because somebody —anybody— else wants you to do it.

Its gotta be your idea. 

For you. By you. Because you want it to be so. That’s the only recipe for lasting change that stands the test of time.

One more thing since we’re on the topic, there’s something else my gut says I should share (although because you made it this deep with me, you’re probably already there)…

Enrollment can’t be demanded, it must be given.



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