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And what do Bold Molders do?

  • Dissolve barriers by RnD'ing their BOSS Fred pile
  • Act courageously before knowing everything
  • Grow ourselves until making the unconscious conscious becomes habit
  • Transform motivated action into inspired action
  • Support other Bold Molders by sharing our unique perspectives
  • Go beyond dreaming to LIVING unprecedented results -- regardless of the life situation facing us now
  • Take back our power from our circumstances and control what we choose to create from conscious vision
  • Take a stand intentionally and experience the shifts that creates
  • Commit to going beyond seeking to FINDING ways to LIVE a fulfilling “Both/And Life” for ourselves and our loved ones
  • Acknowledge doubt, fear, and uncertainty are mixed signals from our ego and listen instead to the true, inner guidance from our Higher Self

Which brings us full circle back to:

We are Bold Molders, and... 

...more importantly, are you too? 

Are you our kind of peeps? Can you see yourself fitting in here? Does this vision call to you in any way, shape or form?

Is your inner guidance system knocking on your heart... telling you to explore the ideas shared here... because you might find the post pandemic freedom answers you've been seeking? 

If so, the odds are you'll find major life shifting insights you haven't seen anywhere else before. 

However, that's obviously up to YOU to decide.

And, since we're just getting to know each other right now, we recommend you invest in yourself with the free tools & resources before exploring any of the paid ones.

So put away the credit cards. 

Because, surprise, your attention is the only currency required. 

That's right, there’s nothing to buy right now. Let's see if we can help you by actually helping before money changes hands, okay?

Sounds like a plan, yes?


Here's the next 2 steps we suggest you take:

Bold Molders create unprecedented bigger futures. 

Clarity of Vision gives us the Courage to embody the art of the start and allows us to replenish our Confidence

Guided by these “C by 3” as our first principles, we dissolve away (instead of fighting) the barriers keeping us from living our best life…

Free from second guessing ourselves, we’re in touch with our Source of inner wisdom & intuition because we no longer depend on outside validation to gain our sense of identity and worth. 

Here’s what believe that our best life looks like:

A Mini-Manifesto:

We are Bold Molders...

  • Freedom financial freedom, freedom from the status quo, freedom from our success traps, freedom from fear, freedom to follow our higher calling.
  • Both/And Living refusing to trade our relationships for material success;
  • BOTH having our cake AND eating it with the people we care about, too; 
  • BOTH playing our own infinite, positive sum game to win AND helping others win their own game; 
  • Knowing we can have BOTH peace ’n happiness AND make the impact we're called to make; 
  • getting to lead BOTH a prosperous life of meaningful contribution AND proudly enjoying, loving, & being excited to get at it every day
  • Inner Guidance — leveraging, trusting & relying on inherent BYSS Superpowers; giving ourselves permission to fail which feeds our Clarity, Courage & Confidence and allows us to tic-tac our way through boldly molding the bigger future we envision.
  • Value Builders: Law of Momentuming — we leverage the power of compounding to create the unprecedented results others wish for...
  • And we fully recognize (and rely on) the knowledge that we’d already be living our life’s vision if not for the unconscious conditioning standing in the way:
  • When a Bold Molder transforms motivated action into inspired action, they start to experience shifts -- some subtle, some dramatic.
  • We release fear-based motivation and reclaim inspired confidence.
  • We set aside fear and doubt to own our certainty.
  • We dissolve the B.O.S.S. Fred Pile and solidify our B.Y.S.S. Superpower.
  • We set aside force and embrace our power.
  • We go beyond the finite and step into the infinite.
  • We stop merely surviving in scarcity and thrive in abundance.
  • We recognize life isn't Either/Or, it’s Both/And.

A place to call home?

A place you can call home?

Share this page with one person who you think will also resonate with this vision. “The universe rewards bold action” and this is one way you can set the tone of generosity and generativity that leads to unprecedented futures.

Set aside any distractions, grab your drink of choice, and dig into the “story behind the story” to better understand what attracted you to becoming a Bold Molder and how to get more and more of this in your life.