WARNING: We're going to “reframe” your reality...

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Let's start with: 

The story behind the story, and what attracted you here?

Bold Molders have a unique worldview. It’s a way of being. A way to create unprecedented results, and achieve “impossible” goals WITHOUT relying on force, either/or sacrifices, or feeling like you’re selling your soul just to make a buck.

We’re a community.

And, really, more of a movement at its core.

See, Bold Molders are committed (dedicated) to helping people become aware of our unconsciously conditioned patterns so it no longer controls, or limits, our futures. We know that access to the right experiential guidance, insights & tools, can instantly shift results in huge ways when you make conscious what was once unconscious and reactionary.

We believe inside every practicing (or aspiring) Bold Molder lives a true visionary… 

Someone capable of making a unique, and transformational impact on a par with the likes of Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, JFK, Gandhi, etc. 

In fact, we believe locked inside you is a higher calling…

…a unique purpose, and powerful gifts that you (and only you) can deliver… 

And to the degree that you try to deny your mission… Or continue to withhold the contributions you’re called to create here… 

…you will experience ever increasing pain, suffering, and your insecurities will grow in direct proportion to how much you suppress and repress your inner truth, hide out and hold yourself small (instead of answering your Inner Being’s knowledge of what the world desperately needs that only you can give).

And YET:

Since we’ve been unconsciously running from our life’s purpose, the tug of war inside feels like it’ll tear us apart: 

Because we have equal amounts of fear, doubt, and insecurities as we have drive and ambition. 

That’s where procrastination is born. 

It’s also why, on the things that really matter, we can find ourselves seemingly unable to escape our current circumstances (instead of creating from nothing but our vision for where we want to go, be, or have).

That’s when we look for the conditions to change instead of shifting inside… 

And it’s when we look for excuses to play small because of our current life situation. Then we find ourselves paralyzed by worst case what ifs, justifying staying stuck saying things like,

“Well, if so-and-so held up their end… If this string of bad luck didn’t happen… 

“If this circumstance was different… If I didn’t have all these bills to pay… If I won the lotto… If this happened… If this didn’t happen… If Mercury wasn’t in retrograde… 

If only this… If only that… If… If… If… 


“I’d have the peace of mind to be able to jump in with both feet!” 

How about we just allow you the freedom, and the power to declare, 

“I’m going here,” 

and then have it happen? And have it happen in joy, in happiness, with the flow of the universe?…

Simply Because YOU Said So?!

What if you learned to leverage your BYSS Superpowers to enjoy financial stability, success, and perpetual income… 

WITHOUT focusing on the, “How to,”…

WITHOUT focusing on the action journey?

Because it’s about removing the obstacles in your way (99% of which are mental)

The obstacles are NOT the "How-tos.”

The obstacles are NOT the exact actions, formula or plan to follow. 

The obstacles are NOT even figuring out how you got here and what to do to move forward.

Even if you don't know what to do, three hours of research and you'll have MORE than enough, "What to dos,” and, "How to do its,” frankly. Spend some time on YouTube with the right searches and, 

Boom. Crush. Done.

However, it's still NOT going to work for you UNTIL we deal with all of the UNconscious mental blocks… 

Because that’s the REAL obstacles standing between you and the post pandemic freedom you want, will be proud of, and frankly, that’s long overdue for you to experience.

And, although I think it’s clear we don’t mean pride in a, “Seven deadly sins way,” the type of pride we’re talking about looks like, 

“I can hold my head high, I'm proud of the work I've done here, what I've created. 

“That my family is proud of what I'm doing. I would be proud to work with my kids on this idea, on this business model. 

“I'd be proud to tell my grandmother about it because she'd be proud of (not ashamed of) how I’m earning a living, and creating value for myself and the world.” 

What if that's the big pot of gold waiting for ya at the end of the making-the-unconscious-conscious rainbow? 

What if you could wake up your inner Bold Molder and tap an infinite supply of clarity, courage & confidence anytime you wanted or needed? 

Because besides allowing you to consistently live in that miraculous state of total power & freedom, that space between stimulus and intentional conscious response…

…there’s two huge payoffs for unleashing your inner Bold Molder by tapping your BYSS Superpowers: 

(Because. YOU. Said. So.)

Your first reward is you’ll begin living a “Both/And” type life. 

Which means curing the root cause of imposter syndrome sabotage instead of treating the ever mutating symptoms robbing your clarity, and causing all the pain, overwhelm and frustration.

Because bluntly speaking: All the shit you’ve tried that hasn’t worked for you is actually…

Making. The. Problem. Much. Worse. 


Isn’t it time to solve the right problem at its root, rather than playing whack-a-mole trying to fix the spawning symptoms?

It's time, don’tcha think?!

See, the problem we’ve been trying to solve isn’t really the problem (or at least solving it won’t give us the results we think —and hope— it will). 

That, in and of itself, is hard for high achievers to handle. And YET, there’s a bigger issue at stake for us…

Here’s the rub: All the perfectly logical choices we’re making based on what we truly believe is the root problem… Well, it’s making the situation worse! Oh, and, by the way, the actions we’ve been taking are also blinding us even more from seeing the REAL problem.

(Pls re-read that again. And, yet again. Because as “Aha! Moments” go, YES, it’s that vital...)

Look, I'm assuming if you’re still here, you already know it’s impossible to hit a target you can't see. And also, if you’re at all like us, you believe in the importance (and uncanny power) of setting big, compelling goals, yes? 

Now, without a doubt, goal setting and visualization processes set free unexplainable forces, don’t they?

In fact, anyone who’s ever accomplished anything new, knows how these simple processes take “impossible” dreams, and manifests the goal anyway (often, against all odds,) have they not?

We’ve experienced it too often to write it off as a fluke. 

However, this often leads us to think the problem is that we need to exert more force of will… 

…that we must be more driven, disciplined, determined, focussed, and more motivated if we want to dent the universe by achieving our “holy shit” scary goals… 

Or else we’ll lose our control, autonomy, and freedom.

And if we believe that, we can become very task oriented. If we’re not busy crossing things off our todo list, we feel like a failure. 

We can’t stop, ever

Obsessed with figuring out what actions we need to do (and how fast) in order to win, we put our resiliency blinders on. 

Get knocked down 9 times, we get up 10. Oh, and God help anyone who gets in our way (even accidentally), because we will not be denied. Or give up.

We can get so lost in the pursuit and attainment of goals we actually get trapped (not freed) by them! 

Maybe you’ve experienced working your ass off only to get a tiny taste of success before the inevitable snap-back, and have to double down and start all over again?…

Or, worse yet, we’ll sacrifice everything… 

Pull out every trick in the book to maximize our short-term results, and we “win” the race… only to discover we were running the wrong race?

How many of us become self-employed because we want freedom only to become a slave to a business that owns us? 

We are driven. 

We do accomplish big things. 

But balanced freedom that we, and our loved ones, are proud of? 

Nope. That ain't on the menu. Sorry.

Besides feeding our addiction to accomplishment, what does walking this path usually lead to eventually? 

Living an isolated and lonely life. If we’re not careful, we become workaholics who can't ever take a break. Often alienating the most important relationships in our lives.

And, inventorying our unconscious conditioning usually doesn’t make our priority list until it’s too late.

You know, asking ourselves questions like:

What situations are we creating because of our beliefs, goals, and actions?

Are those situations what we truly want?

Have we stopped long enough to notice if where we ARE going (in reality) is really the place we want to wind up?

Personally, I didn’t care about any of this until I was 42 because it didn't stop me from making millions

That's why it's tempting to write this area off, thinking you'll go back AFTER you get rich and address it. Because, after all, “they’ll love me when I win,” right?

Mistake! A BIG one. 

As hard as it was for me to become a millionaire the first time, it was MUCH harder to break the cycle after I got addicted to achievement. Plus…

You can get rich a whole lot faster, with a lot more joy in the process, when your unconscious conditioning is working FOR you, instead of against you. 

It's actually easier to achieve BOTH freedom AND amass a fortune, together, at the same time.

It’s our unconscious conditioning that increases our lifestyle at the same rate (or faster) than our income. We might make millions but it’s like we’re forced to tread water because our obligations exceed earnings. 

Even if we know it’s killing us, it gets harder and harder to get off the gerbil wheel (but, hey, at least we look good drowning in all our fancy stuff). 

Our unconsciousness runs the show. It turns “friendly” competition into an unhealthy need to prove you're better, smarter, and superior to everyone, all the time. 

Left unwatched, it sells our souls. It sacrifices our values, morals and higher callings… 

All for the grand prize of becoming consumed with how everyone else is doing compared to us. Life becomes about action for action's sake. We kill ourselves to tally up one more “credit” in the win column over the next guy.

Can you see how we’ve been tricked into treating the symptoms instead of working to solve the root problem?

And, what’s worse?

It’s this:

All the hard work we’re doing to figure out how to win this race we HATE running are the exact same things REPELLING our freedom! Making it impossible to build (and live) a life of peaceful prosperity in the future…

That's the very definition of insanity, is it not?

“ ...the righter you do the wrong things, the wronger you become.” 

— Dr. Russell Ackoff

There’s gotta be a better way, don’tcha think?

Isn’t it time we shed that vicious cycle of pain, fear and uncertainty that comes from living a motivation driven “either/or” life? 

Can you imagine the quiet power, confidence and certainty you’ll feel when you can stop treading water without fear of drowning? And…

When you’re finally free of the burnout that comes from constantly fighting to solve imaginary problems?

If that’s music to your ears, and you’re ready to embrace something new (and completely different), walking the Bold Molder path might just be right for you.

Which leads us to the second payoff you get from making the unconscious conscious to live a “Both/And” life:

BOTH Personal AND

Financial FREEDOM

It’s the experience that comes from the peace of mind of knowing you’re BOTH denting the universe AND getting paid (well). It’s BOTH the meaningful impact your work makes AND how proud you (and, more importantly, your loved ones) are of what you build.

Because if you’re like most ambitious achievers trying to find peace in this post pandemic world, you’re probably wrestling with some variation of:

“How do I prosper? How do I have the success that I want? How can I proudly make fat stacks of cash, while staying balanced, spiritually connected, AND…

“…at the same time how can I ensure me and my work are valued and seen for the worthwhile contributions we are? 

“Because I need to KNOW that what I'm doing to make money is meaningful, impactful, and makes a difference. I’m sick of feeling like I’m selling out on myself just to make a buck! I’m tired of telling myself, ‘this time it’ll be different,’ all the while feeling like a boldface liar!”

Does any of that resonate with you?

If so, then you’ll be happy to know Bold Molders manifest prosperity in a lasting way. In a real way, where you get to live the life and not just always seeking it. 

Straight up, tho: This ain’t some secret method, or the latest business development marketing short-cuts & techniques (altho, we’re certainly more than qualified and capable of teaching you tons of them).

Why not?

Because none of that stuff has a chance of ever working for you until you discover how to Recognize, neutralize & Dissolve the unconscious conditioning that’s unknowingly limiting and sabotaging your success. 

You see, there isn’t a breakthrough tactic or principle that’ll ever win a battle with an invisible enemy. Because it controls you in the same way an Operating System (OS) decides exactly what a computer is and isn’t capable of doing.

Also, let me explicitly make it clear that in NO WAY is Bold Molders about learning some secret technique, shortcut or hack that’ll magically make you a home based millionaire by next year. Nor do we encourage the typical “Biz Opp” something-for-nothing mindset. 

Because it’s NOT about you finding the one “right” thing that’s gonna instantly allow you to defy gravity without doing the work. 

It IS about you becoming the right person to leverage & capitalize on your strengths, and your vision.

See, until we help you unleash your inner Bold Molder… 

Until your Bold Molder flame is ignited (which you DO have even tho it might be dimly lit at the moment)… 

…then, and only then, will you be able to dig into and leverage the specific tactics and techniques, and have them actually work when you deploy ‘em.

That’s because you don't need to learn new tactics and techniques. I'll bet you've already got a bunch that haven't worked for you. Let's shift your unconscious conditioning so those things will work for ya. 

Or, from a place of conscious intention that aligns with your values & vision, help you find new methods that WILL. Making the unconscious conscious lets you see how you were focussed on trying to solve the wrong problem so you can hone in on the ones that matter. 

In this post pandemic world, we're extremely stressed out. We're unhealthy. Anxiety, panic, and depression are at all time highs. All our relationships are taxed to their breaking points.

And it's because we don't have any certainty about our finances. Uncertainty is the new normal, without hope that tomorrow will be any better ‘n bigger than today. 

How do you make a living, doing what you really want to do? 

Making the contributions, being able to support your family and the lifestyle that you would like to live, and have optimism about that? 

Doing something that makes the positive contribution and impact that we know we're supposed to make seems impossible?

How can we stop running away from what our hearts tell us we’re supposed to be doing? 


We’re sick of always chasing the dollar.

We don't want to feel forced to follow the crowds, because “it’s what’s working” to make money. 

That crappy feeling of going against your integrity just because it’s the latest trend everybody (and their mother) says works… 

My guess is it’s safe to say that you've tried some stuff?

You prob’ly have a collection of programs, information and education that you've amassed that hasn't worked for you. 

Now it is time to work on YOU. 

So you can capitalize those experiences by activating your inner Bold Molder.

You game? 

If so, continue on HERE.

WARNING: Spending time here will “reframe” your reality...